Why Do I Need An Attorney to Handle My Auto Accident Case?

If you are in an automobile accident caused by another person, you should expect to be reasonably compensated.  The reality is something quite different.

The at fault party may claim they did nothing wrong and you are at fault.  Their insurance company may deny your claim or offer you a token amount just to go away.

Only an experienced personal injury/ auto accident attorney has the expertise to properly evaluate your case and tell you what fair compensation should be paid to you.

For over twenty-two years Fredric M. Boyk has represented people in metro Toledo, Ohio and throughout the state of Ohio.  Fred Boyk and his associates help you get the medical treatment you deserve and also negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf.

For a FREE consultation, you can call Toledo based Auto Accident Attorney Fred Boyk at (419) 327-6160 seven days a week.