Many people are out of work. Lots of businesses are closed. Bankruptcy filings are down drastically.

The last sentence above makes no sense. Normally when people are out of work, have their hours cut, and cannot afford to pay their bills, bankruptcy would be the logical answer.

However, in the current environment people in financial distress are waiting. They are waiting to see if the pandemic ends soon, waiting for a vaccine that is safe and that actually gives immunity, waiting to see if Congress helps out with  additional $600 weekly unemployment benefits and $1200 per person stimulus checks.

Eventually bills will pile up, creditors will be more aggressive with their collection tactics, and the debt burden will overwhelm.

In view of the above, timing is quite important. Attorney Fred Boyk understands that it is vital to properly time a bankruptcy. Filing a chapter 7 (fresh start) bankruptcy can only be done every 8 years. No one wants to file a bankruptcy and then incur major hospital bills a month later. No one wants their bank accounts or wages to be subject to garnishment.

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