What is the Process for Filing Bankruptcy in Toledo/Northwest Ohio

Potential bankruptcy clients often ask me what to expect if they were to file a Chapter 7 fresh start bankruptcy.

Our office is located in Toledo, Ohio. Normally, one or two meetings between attorney and client are required to prepare the document that is filed with the bankruptcy court. This document is called a Bankruptcy Petition.

Additionally, a credit counseling course certificate is necessary to file. Most of my clients get their counseling certificate online at a cost of under $10.00.

There is one mandatory hearing. This hearing normally lasts 5 to 10 minutes. It is held in an office building across the street from my office in downtown Toledo. The hearing is run by a bankruptcy Trustee, not a judge.

The actual discharge paperwork is generated by the court about 2 months after the hearing.
However, before a discharge is granted, you must obtain a Debtor Education Certificate. This can also be done online at a cost of under $10.00.

The bankruptcy process in Toledo is straight forward when you are represented by an experienced bankruptcy lawyer.

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