Bankruptcy Questions

Many potential bankruptcy clients call my office and ask for a consultation so that they can have their bankruptcy questions answered. When they come in for their appointment, I often find out that they actually have no specific questions. They just want to be assured that bankruptcy is right for them.
In reality, the first question they should be asking any bankruptcy attorney is “What is your background and experience?” I have been practicing law for over 20 years and have successfully handled over 2,500 bankruptcy cases.

Next, the client should be asking if they are eligible to file bankruptcy and, if so, what bankruptcy Chapter makes the most sense.

They should also inquire what alternatives exist besides a bankruptcy filing.
Additionally, potential bankruptcy filers need to determine what assets, if any, would be lost via a bankruptcy filing.

Every situation is different so “generic” answers to these questions do not give a true picture of how bankruptcy will affect you.

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