Why Chapter 7 Bankruptcy May Give You A Fresh Financial Start

Many people in financial distress avoid filing bankruptcy because they believe there is some sort of stigma associated with it.

In reality, Chapter 7 may be the best option for people who struggle to keep up with their bills.

1) Bankruptcy stops lawsuits

2) Bankruptcy stops wage garnishments.

3) Bankruptcy stops harassing phone calls.

4) Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows debtors to keep their future income.

5) Chapter 7 Bankruptcy means that there are no repayments required to your creditors.

6) Most filers of Chapter 7 bankruptcy lose none of their assets.

7) Most Chapter 7 filers keep their home and cars if they desire to do so.

Bankruptcy can be complex and it takes an experienced attorney to steer you through the process. Feel free to call Fred Boyk at (419) 327-6160 if you would like a free initial consultation.