Finding the Best Toledo Ohio Bankruptcy Lawyer for You

Finding the best Toledo area bankruptcy attorney for you is not a simple task.  That is why I have listed a few points that may help you with your search.


Although some people believe price is the only variable to use in picking an attorney, price should not be the sole criteria.  An experienced reputable bankruptcy attorney will price your case based on your situation.  Any law firm that has a “One price for all” motto is saying that your individual situation is irrelevant.


When you file bankruptcy, you are buying a service.  You expect this service to be provided in a professional nonjudgmental manner.
Some firms treat you like a commodity.  At the Fredric M. Boyk Law Office the owner takes your calls 7 days a week.

Knowledge of the law:

Fredric Boyk has over 20 years’ experience handling bankruptcy cases.
Under the current bankruptcy law, every case he has filed on behalf of a client has resulted in a discharge for that client.
In addition, Fred has spoken at various forums, including the Toledo Bar Association, instructing other attorneys on how to successfully deal with bankruptcy matters.


Toledo based attorney Fredric Boyk treats you as a valued client.  Your case is priced based on your situation. He is available 7 days a week and he has the knowledge of the law to bring your case to a successful resolution.

Fredric Boyk can be contacted at (419)-327-6160 for a free consultation.