Handling the Emotional Stress of Bankruptcy

Filing a personal bankruptcy often results in  quite a bit of emotional stress. Many of my clients feel ashamed, assume that they will be ostracized by friends and family, and believe that they are “losers.” Clients also often worry that their bankruptcy will fail and that they may once again be overburdened with debt.

As an attorney who has filed over 2,500 successful cases in the Toledo, Ohio bankruptcy court, I can tell you that most people feel a great reduction in anxiety once they have filed their bankruptcy petition and even more stress relief after they attend their meeting of creditors.
In the Toledo bankruptcy court system, the trustees treat debtors with respect and understanding. No one gets yelled at and there is no name calling. The entire process is handled in a professional manner.

Once I am retained as a bankruptcy attorney, I have all creditor calls directed to me. I respond to client concerns as soon as they arise.

Additionally, I make sure clients are prepared for a life after bankruptcy. Blame is eliminated and in its place is responsible budgeting and financial planning.

Anyone who has stress over their financial situation can call me for a free consultation at (419) 327-6160.
Money issues can be addressed but physical and mental health is much more important.