Choosing a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Toledo and Northwestern Ohio

We are often asked how a person can know that a bankruptcy lawyer is right for them. In the metro Toledo, Ohio area following a few simple guidelines will make that process straight forward.

1) Experience

Ask how many bankruptcy cases the attorney has handled in his or her career. If the number is not in the hundreds (or even in the thousands) that attorney has not likely been exposed to all the variations of problems bankruptcies can have. At the Toledo based office of Fred Boyk, we have successfully handled over 2,500 bankruptcy cases.

By the way, if a prospective bankruptcy attorney says that his or her office handles over 300 cases per year, look elsewhere. Such a firm is a bankruptcy “mill.” They churn cases without giving personal attention. That is not the type of firm that you want to handle your case.

2) Detailed Explanation of Services

A qualified bankruptcy attorney gives you a thorough explanation of the services you are paying for. Do not fall for a “we’ll take care of you” answer.

Bankruptcy can be complicated so you want to make sure what additional costs (if any) might come up.

At our office, you sign a detailed contract that clearly shows the services performed.

3) Relationship

You really need to feel comfortable speaking with your attorney. A bankruptcy filing is an emotionally draining experience. An attorney who shows compassion for your situation and is available to answer your questions is vital.

At our office, we return calls promptly and answer our phone 7 days a week.

If you would like a free consultation, live in Toledo or Northwestern Ohio, and want personalized service, feel free to contact Fred Boyk at (419) 327-6160.