How Do You Afford to Pay for a Bankruptcy?

Potential clients often tell us that they need to file bankruptcy but have no money to pay attorney fees and court costs. Court costs in a Chapter 7 fresh start bankruptcy are currently $335.00.

In order to help clients afford a bankruptcy, our office has developed a plan. We start our representation of you with a reasonable retainer. Tell us what you can afford. Once retained, you can start referring your creditors to us. This should alleviate the tension you feel when you are hounded by collection calls. Also, most creditors will avoid filing suit against you since they do not want to waste their money on attorney fees and court costs for a debt that will be wiped out in bankruptcy.

Most importantly, stop paying on your unsecured debt.  These bills such as credit cards and medical expenses will be eliminated in your bankruptcy. The money you accumulate by not paying on your debt can then be used toward your bankruptcy.

All of our payment plans are based on what works for you.

Call Toledo bankruptcy attorney Fred Boyk at (419) 327-6160 so that we can devise a payment plan that will enable you to achieve a fresh financial start.