Bankruptcy Update 2016

Bankruptcy law is an ever changing field.  New opinions are issued regularly by bankruptcy judges that clarify or define gray areas of the law.

As of December 1, 2015, there was another big change for bankruptcy attorneys and their clients: new bankruptcy petition forms. Many of the bankruptcy forms changed drastically.  Certain questions were deleted while other questions were added.  Any individual or practitioner who thinks it takes just a few minutes to “fill in the blanks” on bankruptcy forms is horribly mistaken.

Now is not the time to file bankruptcy on your own or with an inexperienced attorney.  Our office has now filed many bankruptcies using the current forms. We are able to competently and professionally handle your bankruptcy case.

We would be glad to discuss your financial situation.  For a free consultation in our Toledo, Ohio office, call Fred Boyk at (419) 327-6160.