How Do You Know If You Should

Consider Personal Bankruptcy?

As an attorney who has filed over 2,500 personal bankruptcies for my clients, a question I usually get at least 3 times a week is: How do I know if I should file bankruptcy?

I ask the potential client a few questions and, if the answer to 2 or more of the questions is yes, then Chapter 7 (fresh start bankruptcy) needs to be considered.

1.)  Do you pay only the minimum required amounts on your credit cards? Do you skip payments some months?

2.) Are collection companies calling you?

3.) Do you pay your mortgage or rent late most months?

4.) Is your savings under $1,000?

5.) Are you physically or emotionally drained when dealing with your financial issues?

6.) Do you go to cash advance companies on a regular basis to get funds to get you through to pay day?

Should some of the above noted situations apply to you, give me a call for a free consultation.

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