Personal Injury Attorney in Toledo Ohio

The City of Toledo offers a good deal in terms of education, entertainment, and activity. It’s also home to some of the best legal professionals practicing law in the state of Ohio.

Toledo, Ohio, USA downtown skyline on the Maumee River at dusk.

When choosing an attorney to handle your personal injury claim, it’s advisable to seek a competent and experienced lawyer who understands your specific situation and possesses knowledge of local laws and ordinances. Fred Boyk has been practicing law for almost 30 years and has used his legal skills consistently to help his clients. 

Toledo Quick Facts

Originally founded in 1837 at the conclusion of the boundary dispute between Ohio and Michigan, the city of Toledo takes up approximately 81 square miles of land within Ohio. According to the 2020 U.S. Census, Toledo boasts a population of almost 271,000 overseen by a municipal government headed by a mayor and presided over by a city council, both of which encourage public interaction and participation with government officials.

In addition to various parks and gardens – the city’s website claims 88 percent of the population can walk to a park within 10 minutes- the city offers attractions including zoos, baseball, canal rides, various museums, a speedway, and a lighthouse.

The public school system boasts excellent education and enrichment at all basic school levels from K-8 through high school. College education gets handled by Owens Community College and the University of Toledo, which specializes in astronomy and sustainable technologies.

Locally Born, Locally Practicing

Born in Toledo, attorney Fred Boyk has made a career of legal work in the state of Ohio since graduating from the University of Toledo Law School in 1993.  He is licensed to practice law in both Ohio and Federal Courts. He knows his city, its court system, and his fellow citizens.

Atty. Boyk specializes in personal injury cases, with an emphasis on auto accident cases. Personal injury can include:

Car accidents
• Unsafe products
• Medical malpractice
• Slip and falls
• Workplace accidents

Accomplished and experienced, he prides himself on representing his client’s interests and getting them the compensation they deserve.

Why The Right Lawyer Matters

Personal injury cases can also involve a lot of complexities due to the numerous factors at play with each case. Insurance companies often are more concerned with paying the lowest amount possible to the injured party than fully compensating them for the various expenses they may incur.  Fred Boyk makes sure that beyond initial medical bills, financial compensation may be warranted for things such as continuous physical therapy, long-term or permanent injuries, loss of wages or loss of livelihood, and cost of retraining.

If you or a loved one has been injured, call Attorney Fred Boyk at 419-327-6160 today for a free initial telephone consultation, or contact us online.