Dog Bite in Toledo Ohio

It can be terrifying and painful to be bitten by a dog. In the Toledo, Ohio area, owners may be found responsible for the injuries their dog cause. If the dog owner is at fault, it is possible for the dog owner to be held accountable both criminally and civilly. If you have been bitten by a dog and suffered an injury, you may want to consult with a personal injury attorney, like Fredric M. Boyk, to seek compensation for any damages you incurred.

Guard dog behind 'Beware of dog' sign on fence

Ohio Laws and Administrative Rules

Dog bite incidents in Ohio get addressed through the Ohio Laws and Administrative Rules, which include protocols to ensure the safety of the bite victim and the animal accused of biting.  A dog that has bitten or otherwise attacked or harmed another person must be registered as a “dangerous dog.” Ohio Rev. Code § 955.22.

A dog accused of biting a person must be quarantined. This protects the dog initially in that Ohio law states no dog can be transferred or transported out of the county where the incident occurred until after the quarantine period has ended, usually 10 days.  The quarantine period exists to 1) keep the animal in a safe place and 2) to allow veterinary professionals to monitor the animal for any sign of dangerous diseases like rabies. It’s possible the quarantine period may extend further than 10 days in the event the animal does show signs of disease. The district board of health will immediately inform the bite victim of any infections while also taking steps to handle the animal without having the added burden of trying to locate the dog.

A dog owner may incur a misdemeanor criminal penalty if their dog bites a person or if the owner fails to restrain or control their dog. If an owner has not followed all the regulations for a dangerous dog and the dog seriously injures someone, they would be guilty of a first-degree misdemeanor and the court may have to put the dog down.  If an owner has failed to follow the regulations and that dangerous dog kills someone, that can be a conviction of a fourth-degree felony and the court will order the dog destroyed.

Civil Compensation for a Dog Bite

If you’re bitten by a dog in Ohio,  in general, you are entitled to compensation from the owner. The idea is that you should be paid back for things like any medical expenses and property damages. You may also be entitled to lost wages if the injury caused you to miss work.  You may even be entitled to damages for things such as scarring, pain and suffering, and psychological damage.

An experienced lawyer in dog bite cases can help you sue for damages either under Ohio’s dog bite laws or more broadly under common liability laws.  For example, it may be shown that a property owner was acting negligently or recklessly, should have known that you could be injured, and failed to take proper care to prevent the injury.

If you have been seriously injured from a dog bite, you may need to sue the owner to receive adequate compensation for your injuries.  Do not hesitate to contact Fredric M. Boyk, Attorney at Law who has over 26 years of experience as an attorney.  He has particular experience in the unique challenges of dog bite cases and serves clients throughout northwestern Ohio including Findlay, Lima, Swanton, Bowling Green, Fremont, West Unity, and Defiance. He is available for a free telephone consultation.

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