Does Ohio Require I Wear a Motorcycle Helmet?

Do you need to have a helmet to drive a motorcycle in Ohio? No you don’t unless if you’re under 18.

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The state’s universal helmet law, which did require every motorcycle driver and rider to wear a helmet while operating a two-wheeled motor vehicle, was repealed in 1978. Unfortunately not wearing a helmet can increase the level of injury for the motorcycle driver.  Personal injury attorney, Fred Boyk, can help motorcyclists who have been hurt in a motor vehicle accident receive needed compensation for their injuries and related expenses.

License Requirements

If you’re going to ride a motorcycle in the state of Ohio, first of all you’ll need a valid motorcycle license or motorcycle endorsement displayed on your driver license.

Also, the endorsement for a 2-wheeled motor vehicle does not cover the use of 3-wheeled motor vehicles. So if you plan of operating a 3-wheeled motor vehicle in addition to a motorcycle or moped, you’ll need to possess a separate endorsement for both vehicles.

Please note that, just like cars and trucks, anyone over the age of 15 can seek a learner’s permit for a motorcycle or moped. The permit, referred to as the Ohio Motorcycle or Motor Scooter Temporary Instruction Permit Identification Card (TIPIC), specifically requires an individual to be at least 15 years and six months of age and to pass a knowledge test.

Also, regardless of your age, anyone that obtains the license or endorsement will be considered a novice rider for one year.

Screenings and Tests

Any Ohio driver exam station to provide the road rule test and vision screening. Potential drivers will be required to give their full legal name, date of birth, and social security number before submitting to the exam. In the event of a test failure, applicants can retake the exam after a 24-hour period.

Next, you will be required to purchase the TIPIC within 60 days after passing the test. In addition to the information provided for the exam, applicants will also have to show proof of residency in Ohio and U.S. citizenship/legal residence.

Rider Requirements

While Ohio laws only require TIPIC and licensed drivers under the age of 18 to wear a helmet, all riders must observe these requirements:

• Must wear eye protection

• Cannot drive with earplugs or stereo ear speakers

• Must have vehicle handlebars that do not rise higher than the shoulders of the operator when seated on the operator’s seat or saddle

• At least one headlight (two preferred)

• At least one brake (two preferred)

• A brake/stop light

• Turn signals

Additionally, Ohio law only allows two motorcycle drivers to ride side by side at a time, the seat to be permanently installed on the motorcycle, and operators/passengers must face forward with one leg on either side of the vehicle.

Suffered A Motorcycle Accident? We Can Help

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